Adoptive Parents FAQ

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Adoptive Parents FAQ

Home Study.

A home study is a required part of the adoption process and must be completed and certified as current no more than 12 months prior to the placement of a child. A home Study consists of interviews with all members of the household of the prospective adoptive family, medical reports from the family physician for all members of the household, income verification, an inspection of the home, and a background check for all members of the household over the age of eighteen.

  • Brighter Adoptions does not currently provide home studies at this time, however we will happily provide you a list of qualified people who do provide home study reports.

Background Check.

Background checks are completed by the Office of Licensing. A fingerprint based FBI national criminal history records check is conducted on all adult members of  prospective adoptive family household.

The Department of Human Services conducts a check of the child abuse and neglect registry in each state the applicants have resided.

You must consent to a background screening for any individual over the age of 18, living in the home. If you have had a home study done by another agency, and live outside the state of Utah, you must comply with the provisions of the state in which you reside. Back ground checks may be transferred between Utah Child placing agencies and may be given to the person who is the subject of the report. Back ground checks must be renewed yearly.

Brighter Adoptions will notify you when you need to renew the clearances.

Please print out the Background Screening Application Form from the Office of Licensing.

Fill out a background screening application for each person 18 years of age or over in the home, the send the signed and completed forms to:


Brighter Adoptions

1747 South Heritage Lane ste.B102

Syracuse Utah 84075


Along with the following for each applicant:


  • Separate background-screening application for each person 18 years of age or over living in the home. Be sure to sign the form.
  • Two completed fingerprint cards for each applicant (These can be done at a police station or the Department of Public Safety)
  • Money order or cashier’s check payable to the Department of Human Services for $37.00 for EACH applicant
  • Copy of the front and back of each applicant’s Driver’s License.
  • Copy of each applicant’s Social Security Card.

Send all the above to Brighter Adoptions at the above address or give it to the person conducting your Home Study Evaluation.

Brighter Adoptions shall select applicants who:

are found to be emotionally and mentally stable and have high moral standards.

are able to provide the continuity of a caring relationship;

understand the needs of a child at various developmental stages and have good parenting skills.

are between the ages of 24-50 and found to be in good health.

have cleared a criminal and child abuse background screening: and

have a desire to build their family through adoption.

Brighter Adoptions believes that religion and spirituality are a personal choice and no applicant shall be approved or denied services based solely on their religious or spiritual beliefs.

  1. If a birth mother requests a specific religious group she desires her child to be raised in, she has the option to make that request and we will make every attempt to find a family matching her criteria.

Brighter Adoptions shall verify that an applicant’s income is sufficient to provide for a child’s needs.

Brighter Adoptions will not discriminate against any marital status. We will consider all applicants and no applicant shall be denied based solely on their marital status. This includes same sex married couples.

You may rent or own your home.

You may be a working parent, or a stay at home parent.

You may or may not have children already.

You may or may not have fertility issues.

You may or may not be married. We accept single applicants. however you may not be cohabiting.

ACCEPTANCE– when we have approved your Home Study and your file is complete you will be notified that you are ready to be matched. We will search for a birth mother who falls within your criteria.

PRESENTATION- your application should contain the information about the infant and adoption situation that you are open to and want to be presented on. We will always notify you before your profile is shown to a birth mother and disclose as much non-identifying information about the birth mother as possible including the estimated cost of the placement. You will always have the opportunity to decline being shown to a specific birth mother and that will not prevent us from asking you to be presented on others. Likewise, we will share your non-identifying info with the birth mother and the family profile you prepare.

MATCHING– once a birth mother selects you, a conference call will be set up. If all goes well on the call and all parties feel good about the match, you will have 48 hours to sign the match agreement and send the Match Fee via Wire Transfer.

DELIVERY– when your birth mother goes into labor, or an induction or Caesarean have been scheduled, you will be informed right away. If you live outside of the state the child is being born in, you will need to begin making your travel plans. Your birth mothers birth and adoption plan will determine what you will need to do next. We will be in contact with you and available to you 24/7 during the delivery process.

PLACEMENT– once your birth mother has signed her Consent to Adoption and Relinquishment of Parental Rights, we will notify you and plan for the placement. At the time of placement, you will sign placement papers and pay the remaining balance of the fees. If baby is healthy and ready to be discharged, that will happen at about 48 hours after birth. At that time, the baby will be placed in your physical custody upon leaving the hospital. If the baby requires a longer stay in the hospital, we will make sure you have full access to the infant after legal documents are signed.

ICPC– this process will begin once baby has been discharged from the hospital and medical records have been obtained by the agency. ICPC can take up to two weeks. This only applies if you reside in a different state than the baby was born.

POST-PLACEMENT– Contact your attorney so a petition for adoption can be filed. Please discuss with us where you plan to finalize so we can prepare our documents to comply with the state of finalization. You will need to schedule your post placement supervision. Brighter Adoptions requires that two supervisory visits be conducted prior to finalization.