Dear Adoptive Parents!

Welcome to Brighter Adoptions! We are a full-service licensed child-placing agency in the State of Utah.

Welcome to Brighter Adoptions. We are here to help you navigate these exciting and sometimes difficult waters of adoption.

All of our required paperwork is here and available to you to download. Once you have completed and signed the documents, you may scan and email, drop them by our office, or mail things in the old fashioned way.

Once you have completed the requirements necessary and we have everything in our office, your file will go before committee. You will be notified of your acceptance into our program within five business days.

Here at Brighter Adoptions, we do not have an application fee. We do not want you to feel bound to us until you are matched to a birth mother. When you are looking for a baby, we encourage you to get yourself out there. If you are matched elsewhere, we just ask that you let us know right away.

We are excited that you are considering adoption and feel honored that you are choosing to work with us.

Get Started

  1. Download the application.
  2. Review the necessary documents.
  3. Submit your applications to us.


Once you have finished the forms, email us the completed forms to get started.

Adoptive Parent Application